information systems

Network administration

Help desk services

Help desk services for businesses, using the Internet, telephone, e-mail or instant messaging.

We cover a wide range operating systems, computer programs and web services.

In addition, we support various accounting, personnel management and public sector systems in Uruguay.

Maintenance and optimization

We make your network faster, more secure and efficient.

We evaluate your facilities, computers, network equipment and the way your employees work. We define priorities with you, make the necessary arrangements with other providers (like telephony and surveillance providers) and execute daily preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as optimizations on your computers and your network.

Friendly technical documentation

Drafting and design of friendly manuals and quick user guides, specific to the needs of each area of ​​your business.

We deliver ready-to-print copies or publish updates on your intranet to facilitate the daily queries from users.

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