information systems

Web services

Make your information easier to find, use and remember on the Web.

We improve your brand’s online visibility and image, and improve your website visitors’ experience to help them achieve the desired objectives in the shortest time possible.

  • Feasibility studies and staged development plans, to make informed decisions, and have a roadmap to keep your web projects on track.
  • Intuitive, fast, standards compliant websites, that look and work well, regardless of the browser or operating system your clients use.
  • Content definition, development and editing, 100% customer-oriented, to make your website essential to your target audience.
  • Search Engine Positioning / Optimization (SEO), to improve your website’s visibility in Web searches’ results, attracting more clients.
  • Control of competitors, to keep an eye on what other companies in your field are doing on the Web.
  • Track your brand online, to leverage positive content and act as soon as possible when clients need help or post negative reviews.
  • Security guides, to guard your company’s information from virus, trojans, phishing, and other online threats.
  • Customer care guides, to ensure the contacts with your clients are carried out in a professional, effective manner.

All these services coupled with feature-packed hosting and e-mail accounts, to easily control and take full advantage of your website.

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As complementary services we develop:

  • Web and/or e-mail based promotional campaigns,
  • Interactive CDs using standard Web formats,
  • Digital presentations for sales or training.